Картина61Картина62• Maintenance, rehabilitation and repair of highly hazardous equipment:
– bridge and gantry cranes with their roads without limitation of load capacity
– automotive telescopic cranes
– tower cranes and their roads with load capacity up to 8 tons
– container cranes and their roads

• Maintenance, rehabilitation and repair of:
– elevators and building hoists

• Design, manufacture and installation of:
– crane rail roads

• Delivery and installation of:
– hoists
– passenger and freight elevators

• Rehabilitation of:
– buildings and structures

• Application of anti corrosive covers trough:
– PP and PTFE pipe welding
– lamination of shafts, pipelines and vessels using unsaturated polyester resins with glass fiber reinforcement of GFK
– fire and chemical proof surface protection

• Maintenance of separation systems, nozzles and pipelines in absorbers